Sunday, September 12, 2010

a monochromatic masterpiece

It's been much too long since I've last posted, but this stuff is too good not to post.

So we all know it's that time of year again. NYFW and the SS10 collections are hitting the runway. I think I found my favorite.... Doo.Ri delivered a monochromatic collection consisting of primarily ivories and whites sprinkled with some pale blues and pale yellows. Despite the fact that not much color is in the collection the use of textures and layering made this collection an interesting one. I loved so many of the outfits that I couldn't narrow it down to any less than 14 looks, however there are 30 looks total so click here to view the rest of the show!!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

where did the summer go?

It's hard to believe that it is already September. I feel like just yesterday I was anxiously preparing for a summer in New York City and eagerly looking forward to a family vacation in Hawaii when I returned. And now all of that has come and gone and I have one day, ONE MEASLEY day left until my last school years ever begins. I went to get books today and I was looking around and everyone around me looked so young, like babies. It was so strange. I just kept wondering when I got so old?

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juliette crane

My good friend and manager at bop recently introduced me to a new local (as in down the street local) artist, Juliette Crane, who I promptly fell in love with. Her work consists of mixed media pieces on 8 x 8 canvases. These are painfully cute little pieces that instantly add character to any room they are placed in. The original canvas artworks are a little more expensive, but she also offers copies for $20 that can be framed and will look just as adorable. Visit her blog here. And shop your heart out here!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

such a tease

i'm not yet done editing my pictures. what with traveling 24 hours, only sleeping 1 hour on my redeye to dallas because i was sitting next to a crying baby, and running around like a chicken with my headcut off trying to run errands and settle back in today. all while feeling like i was going to pass out. but soon, before school starts on thursday i'll upload plenty of hawaii pics :)

in the perfect world i would split my time between nyc and maui. summers in maui, the rest in new york. oh, the life that dreams are made of. well. my dreams, at least.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

breathe fall

Shopbop once again kills it with another one of their flawless lookbooks. This one is for one of my favorite brands Joie, pronounced zh-wa, I shudder when people call it "joey". If this doesn't get you yearning and itching for fall weather then you might just be out of luck and should consider moving to a seasonless state.... like Hawaii!
This lookbook gets me particularly excited for cozy cashmere sweaters and the tall boots paired with even taller socks combo worn with dresses in early fall and tights/leggings in later fall.

images via Shopbop