Thursday, February 25, 2010

because we all love abbey lee!

who doesn't love abbey lee kershaw?! the fashion industry's newest it girl! she is so cute, and down-to-earth. and she has an australian accent, c'monnn.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pieces of ART

Shoes are my most favorite thing to admire. They truly can be works of art. That are meant to be admired and not worn. These are Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte. And I would not wear these, I would be terrified to ruin their amazingness. The only place they could be worn is on the set of a Lady Gaga music video (like the Alexander McQueen masterpieces she wore in Bad Romance).
images via jak&jil

the sun will come out tomorrow

what i would give to be sitting back, relaxing on a beach.
wearing cut-offs and a shell bra/top thinger.
image via 10th muse

Monday, February 22, 2010

don't you wanna get outta cape cod tonight?

the "unofficial" walcott music video by vampire weekend.
SICK. eh, but it is pretty nifty, no?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


this girl has the stare-down down.
i like her hair too. i wish i could pull off platinum blonde.

image via 10th muse

Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's only natural

flipping through my bazaar the other night i immediately stopped the moment i saw this photo.

the dress is exactly the cut/color/everything i've been obsessing over lately and the pink shoes just put this ova the edge!

image via fashion gone rogue

marchesa, milly, oh my!

Alas Fall Fashion Week 2010 in NYC is coming to a close. But these two collections still have me droooooling. The Marchesa gown, the one with all the black and white tulle almost gave me a heartattack. There is NO PLACE I would EVER have to wear such a dress, but it is truly a piece of art and I would buy it to just put on display and admire. The white feathery dress with the black waist is sorta similar to some of the Jason Wu dresses I loved. Hmmm. Let's hope h&m or topshop come out with an awesome knock-off!

While the Milly collection had a few distractions, namely: hot pink tights, green tights, and plaid pumps (I happened to like the berets the models were sporting), I loved the classic French inspiration of the collection. Very school-girl-eque. And I also happened to like the white tights, a little kindergarten cute, but still well done. That said, I think white tights should be left for 5-year-olds or girls with model proportions, juuust sayin.

and i think that will wrap up my runway posts for this fashion week.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

who said diamonds are a woman's best friend?

i'm pretty sure you can have two best friends (we learned this in elementary school) and i'm pretty sure dog would be woman's other best friend! talk about someone who will never leave you and always unconditionally love you. makes me miss my puppy at home.
image via fashion copious

dear H&M...

YOU need to sell online in the United States. The market would be HUGE. Topshop sells online, so c'mon now... (acourse, this just may be my selfish American side coming out as well)
So since I wanted to put off studying a little longer, I decided to look up what other countries could buy online, which was really hard because the site was in other languages, like Finish, German, Swedish and Norweigan. I picked to look at the German store because I figured their language might be the easiest to navigate (I mean the german word for elbow is elbogen). It wasn't too bad. Anyways, I found these SUPER cute dresses that I HAVE to have. And I found the shoes right away, "schuhe"!!!! The ones I like cost 19,95. Whatever that means. Going on foreign sites is like a little cultural lesson, I like it! So then I went to the Norweigan page hoping that they would have a different selection, but to my disappointment it was the same page, just in a different (more confusing) language. But the Norweigan word for shirt is "topper" which I found kinda funny.

inspiration: pohcahontas

the fringe. the necklace.
all so perfect for a summer in... northern wisconsin!??
image via 10th muse

Monday, February 15, 2010

layered to a T

FIRST OFF. I would just like to say I loveloveloveloooove fall fashion week. My eyes are having themselves a feast this week. Sorry for the bombardment of a bajillion runway pics. The week is almost over but until then I am going to indulge myself!

These are a few of my favorite looks from Rebecca Taylor's show. All perfectly layered for fall. With feminine touches that I adore, I should add.
By the way there were many more looks of hers that I loved but I thought that might be too much runway for today...
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the bangs.

i love erin fetherston. and i loved her aw10 just as much as i loved her ss10 collection. for fall 2010 her muse was Nico and while she did have some pantsuits thrown in there she stayed true to herself with ever-so-perfect flowy dresses.
particularily love the last little number. the bodice is so cute!
but MOST OF ALL i loved the bangs all her models (and she!) were rocking. makes me wish i had the face shape/perfect hair thickness to do it. but of course i don't.

images via

black and white and amazing all over

so many accessories so little time.
image via fashion gone rogue like duhhh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

think pink

Valentine's Day weekend just ended. And I wore pink the entire time! Which is such a deviation from the black/white/shades of gray norm. First I wore my new Indah dress to a (anti-)Valentine's Day party with my friend, Maja who goes to Carrol College and I will be visiting in two weeks!!!! Dan asked why I was wearing curtains, but then ever-so-nicely said that they were "cute curtains". Sunday morning, Dan and I went on a Valentine's date to Mickey's Dairy Bar on Monroe St. It was a heydey there, apparently lots of people like to go out to breakfast on Sunday mornings. Anyways I ordered ONE strawberry pancake and their portions are so large I only ate half of it. (Of course I finished the rest when I got home). We also ordered one of their famous shakes. Mint-flavored! I am still full 9 hours later... Oh and I wore my new Marc cardigan that I got at the winter maxwell sale at Bop. Love that it's so bright.

Oh and that's a pic of my British Vogue. I had to put it up because it's pink and purple!! So festive for this weekend. + olivia

alice + olivia makes my favfavfavvvvv little party dresses. i am so excited to see which of these shopbop gets! i would wear every. single. one. of. these. adorrrrrable.

velvet, thigh highs, oh my!
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i hope everyone's love day is full of love and lots of yummy heart-shaped goodies!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

inspiration: sb '10


Spring break is only a little over one month away and I am determined to go somewhere this year, even if only for a long weekend. I haven't been on a spring break vacay since high school and I am long overdue for a little R&R. These items would be purrrrfect for a weekend to... somewhere warm! Especially that little dress and that GIANT tote.
Marc Jacobs tote, YSL ring, Milly bathing suit, Gianvito Rossi ankle strap heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell ballet flats, Lauren Merkin clutch, Jessica Simpson platforms, Rebecca Taylor dress.

a smathering of my loves

Jason Wu's incredibly girly cocktail dresses

Doo.Ri's subtle draping

Cynthia Rowley's stage. Btw. I can't wait for the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy line. I want the graphic print tank. Perfect for summer.

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