Friday, April 23, 2010


can this editorial be anymore jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and drool-inducing? loooove the white/fringe boots combo. something i've been seeing a lot lately. hmmmm....
and that BLUE! which i know is photoshopped to the max but i don't care i love it juuust the same.
Dewi Driegen by Stephan W├╝rth in Vogue Mexico.
images via my fav fashiongonerogue


It seems like an eternity ago my family and I got back from our spring break trip to Florida, with all the projects/papers/exams that have been consuming my life lately it feels like I never even got a break! Here are a few pics from the trip.

let's recap.

my life in pictures for the last few weeks-ish.

Celebrating Dan's 20th birthday!!!!

with margaritas!

Angels and Airwaves concert with Dan. He loves them.

Pretty good view, pretty crappy camera. Wah wahhh :/

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

two things.

Vogue Russia May 2010 issue. Anabela Belikova by Tom Munro.

1. Are people's waists really THAT tiny?! 2. Why can't American magazines have covers that look like this???

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Socialite turned reality TV star turned celeb Olivia Palermo has a personal style I absolutely adore. It's always put together, but never matchy-matchy, which is a pet peeve of mine. She mixes classic, professional and preppy pieces with trendy pieces and always looks spot on. Her wardrobe is incredible.
In. Cred. Ible.
Log onto and you will most likely see a pic of her. They love her over there and incorporate her into every other one of their posts.
She also recently did a statement necklace collaboration with Roberta Freymann and those are available here. My fav is the Le Marais necklace, perfect for summer.

images via, and google.

Monday, April 19, 2010

chocolate raspberry torte

For Dan's birthday I wanted to make his most favorite cake and he said that this chocolate raspberry cake was the one he wanted. It was surprisingly easy to make and it tasted It has fresh raspberries whipped into a whipped cream/cream cheese filling so it's kind of hard for something like that to not taste delicious!!
Needless to say it was gone in less than two days :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

blogpost binge.

that's enough blogposts for the time being. HAPPY WEEKEND!

do you see what i see

THOSE MIU MIUS!!!!!! scrumptious.

leather flowers and bows

b-e-a-uuuutiful prada platforms. downright gorge. and an oversized cluth smathered with flower appliques.

an item to add to your to-do list

Anyone who does not follow Carolina and her lovely fashion blog fashion squad should go to bloglovin and get on that right now. She's from Europe, so naturally her style is infinitely better than most things we see in the states. And I love how she formats her blog posts and I love how she takes the photos for her posts in the comfort of her own home/apartment, which isn't incredibly fancy or nice like some other bloggers (sea of shoes), but it's real and people love her just the same. Ok I'm done rambling. Now get following!
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where does the time go???

Once again I have failed to blog for two long weeks. Where does the time go? And why can't it just slow down so I have time to actually maybe enjoy it. And I REALLLLLLLY need time to slow down in this next month and a half to squeeze in quality time with my family, friends, and Dan before I am taken away from everything I know and love for 9 weeks.

Just a mere 41 days until I move to NYC for 2 whole months. While I'm very excited about this incredible, absolutely amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that many girls would do anything to have. I wish it came a summer later. Or two summers earlier. Or whenever, just not this summer. I am nowhere near prepared for a summer in the city! But, luckily I am living with three girls that are not random. I am living with Jenna, who will be my roommate next year as well (!!!), and a girl she is studying abroad with in Prague (lucky girls get to come back from 4 months in Europe and move directly to NYC for a summer), and then a girl she went to high school with. Although I've never actually met two of the girls I am living with, I am completely confident that we will have a great time together.

I officially have registered my internship with the UW system, so I can receive credit, and I have officially gotten all of the paperwork for Saks completed. Soooo.... it looks like what was just a dream a few years ago is becoming a reality. Scary stuff.

Well now I just have to wait until June 1st, 2010 (which will probably be here in about 2.4 seconds).

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Friday, April 2, 2010

frills n thrills

Mmmm. Yet another shopbop lookbook oozing inspiration. This one was full of ruffles and frills juxtaposed with statement metal necklaces. Now that the weather is finally getting nice (hello 70s!!) I'm getting ready to break out all my spring staples, and of course add a few more. I'm on the lookout for floral prints, blush pinks and other neutrals, perfectly cut sundresses, and soft shorts! I've been seeing a lot of soft shorts lately and I've really been drawn to their look. They have a similar look as skirts, but you don't have to worry about awkwardly getting out of cars so the world doesn't see your hoo-ha.

images via shopbop