Sunday, January 31, 2010

find a lil inspiration anywhere

I took this pic back in 2007! On the way home from a family vacay to Hawaii and I still cannot believe how much those clouds look like a "#1" sign, like one of those foam fingers! Sorta creepy. I think it's inspiring to see something like this up in the sky, or maybe it's just the human brain trying to find patterns in everything?

well done miley, well done.

I know I'm supposed to be a hater like everyone else, but I just can't be. I will always be a Miley lover. Today I am definitely a Miley lover. She looks sooo GOOD in this little Herve Leger number! And her hair (granted it's half fake) looks pretty darn near perfect. Good job little one, good job.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

an ideal space to call my own

What I would give to be able to hang out in a place this uncluttered, clean, and just, simply pretty! I'd even love to work in a place like this, I'd be a lowly intern grabbing coffee for whoever wants some, running errands, picking up dry cleaning, you know, the usual. Ah, someday I am going to decorate my house just like this. All white with simple fixtures and simple decoration.

images: coute que coute
NEW HEADER!!!! since i have been feeling so girrrllyyy lately i decided to change my header to some tulle!!! Jenna would approve i know :) btw you should follow her. cause her blog is phenomenol!
Anyways. More soon. Back to hw.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am girly. Very very girly. One of my coworkers today mentioned how everything I wanted was so girly. I can't help it, I love being a girl and I love playing that up. The more ruffles, tulle, and lace the better! Here is a editorial I am loving currently. Especially girly.

images: Vogue Nippon March 2010 via

Monday, January 25, 2010

oh karl lagerfeld how i love thee.

side note: This girl ^^ needs a Big Mac meal. The one thing that really bothers me about the fashion industry is THIS.. :(

Looking through my Italian Vogue "free gift" of the SS10 fashion show guide for the billionth time (it's already about to fall apart), I decided that I just HAD to do a post about Karl Lagerfeld's amaze-za-zing collection. I am just swooning over all the black/white combos. It's my fav, as seen here. The stark contrast of black and white is just so appealing to my eye. It's also why my wardrobe is almost entirely black and white (with shades of gray). Karl also threw in some orange! Ahhh that brings me back to highschool days and our school colors of orange and black. One time at an away game the other school made fun of us "Last time I checked it wasn't Halloween" YEAH. Real original kids, we've never heard that one before...


Saturday, January 23, 2010


So recently I fell in love with Aquilano.Rimondi and when I say fell in love I mean fell in luuuuuuhve. The other day I bought Italian Vogue, because it came with a "free gift" of the SS10 runway guide. And this thing had EVERY. SINGLE. FASHION. SHOW. imaginable! From Badgley Mischka to Hermes to Alexander McQueen (whom I also loved) and Blumarine. Everyone who's someone in the fashion world. Even though it cost $15 I couldn't pass it up. And I'm so glad I didn't. Because I found Aquilano.Rimondi and I wanted every thing in the collection. They had the cutest cut cocktail dresses. And they were all the perfect length: mini!!!! If I was famous and had to go on a tour for the Premieres of my amazing new movie (I'd be in a blockbuster like Avatar) I would wear one of these dresses to every premiere.

PS. My textile science teacher told me a funny joke the other day: Boys are just like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped. HAHAHA. He's so cute and cracks jokes all class. I think I'm gonna love this class.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

long distance inspiration

More like time capsule inspiration.. While cleaning my room and finally discovering what lived under my bed I found my "inspiration" binder from the summa of 08. I posted a pic of the cover down thurr in the previous post but I loved it so much I had to have a post devoted to the innards. And there were a lot of innards. I must have had so much extra free time 2 years ago...

The first page. A couple of random pics. But all I see is Leighton's hair!!! I loved it then and I love it now, funny how 2 years later I'm still in love with her hair.


I think I liked the draping and wrapping of this top. Eh not so much in love with it now but 18 year old Sonja loved it. I guess.

I abso-frickin-lutely adored this spread, as in I was probably literally drooling on the pages. All the outfits were school girl inspired. Very Blair Waldorf.

Monochrome. Neutral. Nice.

Blazer + miniskirt. Still in. Pretty sure we have a mannequin at bop wearing a black blazer with a champagne color miniskirt.

Shoessssss. Lacy/nude + black was obviously the theme I was going with here.

A purple/pink inspired collage. When I first started this thing it began with collages. That I spent hours on every night. Hello? Where was my social life?!

Collage revolving around that Ralph Lauren ad. Ooooh and that Gucci model! I forgot that this was the season they did the white makeup on the models and all those fringed scarves!

Tropical vacation inspired collage. With lots of wooden detailing.

The back cover of my little binder, aka my second favorite picture at the time I made this. I love how I wrote the prices on this. The jacket is 2 thousand something, the skirt is 1 thousand something and the shoes are around $800. It's all Moschino, if you wanted to pone up four grand for this outfit, or just in case you were wondering..

"under the bed" dump

You know how some people do "purse dumps"? Where they will document all the things that have taken up residence inside their purse? Well I decided to do one of those.. but for under my bed. I was cleaning my room today, because I have been living in the same place for 2 years now! And ok I was more like ransacking it and throwing away anything and everything I haven't touched in the past 4 months, well I came across some very interesting items. Some things I've been looking for forever and some things I never even knew I had and some things I have completely forgot about but am so happy I've found again.

This is the cover of my "inspiration" binder I made way back in '08 and I FORGOT about. Back when I had free time to intensely scrutinize every fashion magazine spread and pick out my absolute favs. I am STILL in LOVE with this picture I picked out for the cover (2 years later!). I loved finding this binder so much I think I'll dedicate a post to it!

I found these two lovelies under my bed too. The first fashion design book I ever purchased way back in high school. I read it cover to cover, took notes on it and was determined to become a fashion designer (there's even sketches I did tucked away in the pages!). But that was before I was persuaded to pursue something more "practical".. errrrgh. And Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley. OH! and funny story: I didn't know I had this book! WHAT?! How does someone forget they have this book?! Yeah it was on my to-buy list. I need may-jah help.

Ummmm hello I found my swimming awards! ALSO forgot I had these stashed away somewhere. These are all my ribbons, medals and plaques I won from swimming from age 6-15. Look at those blue ribbons!! This is making me so nostalgic btw...

A VASE!! This could have come in handy last week when Dan got me roses! We were looking alllllll over for my vase because I KNEW it was somewhere in my room but never found it.. until now! Who would have guessed it was under my bed? And Carmex! Those things disappear on me all the time, guess I should start checking under my bed more often!

A buuuunch of magazines from these past two years that have accumulated under my bed. I'm gonna have to go through these and restart my inspiration binder!

buyer's remorse

No buyer's remorse for my starbucks and new pashmina scarf (I wish I was that frugal with money) but huge buyer's remorse for my spree at Bop earlier today. Which I completely justified because I wanted all 3 items for months and contemplating buying them all full price. But still.. big time buyer's remorse.

School is officially back in session and the holiday season is officially over. Starbucks has returned to using the plain white cups a few days ago (when this picture was taken) I miss the holiday ones already, these white ones are so boring! BUT this got me really looking forward to spring and to celebrate this transition I bought a new pashmina scarf in more spring-y colors! I was sosososo tempted to buy this orange one that had some gold and red in but decided it was much to fallish and bought this bright one instead. Which screams spring.

And now I have to go to class. EWWWW. 4 months til summer, 4 months til summer, 4 months til summer...

Monday, January 18, 2010

killa heels + my fav picture

Gucci: Sky-high and amazing.

Louboutin: cheetah print, need I say anymore?

And WHERE do people wear shoes like these babies. Please take me to that world, which is actually probably just NYC. I feel like a complete weirdo in Madison when I try to wear heels to work in the middle of the day. Good thing I'll be in New York in 5 months. OMG!!

I love this picture! First off these girls are dressed to the T's. But there is just so much chemistry between these two it jumps off the screen! I feel like I'm in their intense convo. Love it!


Friday, January 15, 2010

black and white and all asymmetrical

Lessons I learned from looking at these pictures:
1. I need to learn how to pose better.
2. My camera takes blurry pictures and I want a better one.
3. I am officially done trying to look like a real blogger because dammit I look better and feel better when I SMILE and I feel like a dork when I stare wistfully into space.
4. I need to pick better places to take these pictures. I wish it wasn't so cold out so I could go outside! Soon...

I wore this outfit out last night and I loved it, I felt great in it! The skirt is Pleasure Doing Business and my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas (he has great taste). I wanted to pair it with a black top but not a boring one so I picked this asymmetrical top I got at Bop's Maxwell Street Days 2 years ago. It was 90% off! Crazy! And I threw on the only gladiator-like shoes I own and called it a night.

Dream Society top, Pleasure Doing Business skirt, Hue tights, House of Harlow earrings and bracelet, MIA shoes (I got them at this random store on State Street which has since gone out of business but that's what the name on the bottom of the shoe is..)