Tuesday, January 19, 2010

long distance inspiration

More like time capsule inspiration.. While cleaning my room and finally discovering what lived under my bed I found my "inspiration" binder from the summa of 08. I posted a pic of the cover down thurr in the previous post but I loved it so much I had to have a post devoted to the innards. And there were a lot of innards. I must have had so much extra free time 2 years ago...

The first page. A couple of random pics. But all I see is Leighton's hair!!! I loved it then and I love it now, funny how 2 years later I'm still in love with her hair.


I think I liked the draping and wrapping of this top. Eh not so much in love with it now but 18 year old Sonja loved it. I guess.

I abso-frickin-lutely adored this spread, as in I was probably literally drooling on the pages. All the outfits were school girl inspired. Very Blair Waldorf.

Monochrome. Neutral. Nice.

Blazer + miniskirt. Still in. Pretty sure we have a mannequin at bop wearing a black blazer with a champagne color miniskirt.

Shoessssss. Lacy/nude + black was obviously the theme I was going with here.

A purple/pink inspired collage. When I first started this thing it began with collages. That I spent hours on every night. Hello? Where was my social life?!

Collage revolving around that Ralph Lauren ad. Ooooh and that Gucci model! I forgot that this was the season they did the white makeup on the models and all those fringed scarves!

Tropical vacation inspired collage. With lots of wooden detailing.

The back cover of my little binder, aka my second favorite picture at the time I made this. I love how I wrote the prices on this. The jacket is 2 thousand something, the skirt is 1 thousand something and the shoes are around $800. It's all Moschino, if you wanted to pone up four grand for this outfit, or just in case you were wondering..


  1. inspiration binders are so much fun! i never have time for this stuff anymore either and it makes me kinda sad. i propose a bi-weekly inspiration night next year filled with magazines sketchbooks AND WINE, or margaritas, or those oatmeal cookies you have been raving about.

  2. love this post! I love looking back at old things like this


  3. YES! i completely agree with that idea! we can switch it up, wine when we're feeling sophisticated and margaritas when we're feeling wild and oatmeal cookies wheneva! haha.

  4. love this so much!

    lovelove, M.