Tuesday, January 19, 2010

buyer's remorse

No buyer's remorse for my starbucks and new pashmina scarf (I wish I was that frugal with money) but huge buyer's remorse for my spree at Bop earlier today. Which I completely justified because I wanted all 3 items for months and contemplating buying them all full price. But still.. big time buyer's remorse.

School is officially back in session and the holiday season is officially over. Starbucks has returned to using the plain white cups a few days ago (when this picture was taken) I miss the holiday ones already, these white ones are so boring! BUT this got me really looking forward to spring and to celebrate this transition I bought a new pashmina scarf in more spring-y colors! I was sosososo tempted to buy this orange one that had some gold and red in but decided it was much to fallish and bought this bright one instead. Which screams spring.

And now I have to go to class. EWWWW. 4 months til summer, 4 months til summer, 4 months til summer...


  1. thank you! i loved the scarf so much!
    at bop i got a marc caridigan, a vince cardigan and a rebecca taylor top. AHHHH! byebye paycheck!!