Monday, January 25, 2010

oh karl lagerfeld how i love thee.

side note: This girl ^^ needs a Big Mac meal. The one thing that really bothers me about the fashion industry is THIS.. :(

Looking through my Italian Vogue "free gift" of the SS10 fashion show guide for the billionth time (it's already about to fall apart), I decided that I just HAD to do a post about Karl Lagerfeld's amaze-za-zing collection. I am just swooning over all the black/white combos. It's my fav, as seen here. The stark contrast of black and white is just so appealing to my eye. It's also why my wardrobe is almost entirely black and white (with shades of gray). Karl also threw in some orange! Ahhh that brings me back to highschool days and our school colors of orange and black. One time at an away game the other school made fun of us "Last time I checked it wasn't Halloween" YEAH. Real original kids, we've never heard that one before...



  1. I'm so glad you wrote that comment about that really skinny girl... But Karl Lagerfeld is a talentet man.

  2. I know, it's so sad and it bothers me so much. I'm glad some designers are beginning to use more normal size girls. Most of the other girls in this show weren't TOO bad. They're still too thin but not skeletal.
    Regardless, I still love Karl Lagerfeld!!!!