Sunday, January 3, 2010

gold and silver and jewels of all colors

I know, I know. It was juuust Christmas like a week ago. But I already have an overflowing list of things I want (I actually feel like I "need" them, but I'll go with "want" for now). At the top of that list is a sick new ring. These three by YSL are the perfect example of what I'm looking for, and that is a statement maker! A conversation starter. I have this House of Harlow ring and evvvvverybody comments on it. Like the guy by the baggage claim in New York, random customers I'm checking out at Bop, the Starbucks cashier... But I think it's time for a new one. Unfortunately these YSL rings are probably a little (ok, a lot) out of my price range. I guess for now they will just have to live in my dreams. And I will dream of them. I'd wear them together, on the same hand, on adjacent fingers. And make a statement.



  1. ..and she doesn't take 'em off when we're tearin up the covers!

    LOVE the rings, especially the first gold one, im a sucker for big gold rings. but my favorite one is still your House of Harlow ring. you have quite the collection miss!

  2. haha i actually forgot what this was a song lyric to. oh i love mickey avalon.

    the top ring is my FAVORITE! but it's $200, which makes me very sad :( maybe forever will make a knockoff....