Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"They have feet!!!!!!" Words cannot express how excited I was to find these leggings that have feet. I am going to buy like 4 more pairs of them just to stock up while they're still available. I have been on the lookout for footed leggings since.. forever really. They're perfect because sometimes I want to wear leggings with an outfit, but then my shoe selection is limited because the leggings cut off at an awkward place and they look really bad with pumps (and almost any shoe that isn't a boot/ie) Usually in these situations I could wear tights, but sometimes I don't want the sheer look of tights and sometimes my top doesn't cover my butt enough to allow me to wear tights. In this situation (which actually happens more often than you'd think) footed tights are the answer! They're also incredibly thick (as in you don't have to worry about what people see when you bend over) and incredibly comfy (as in I want to wear them every day)

I could have worn a better outfit that showed off the fact that these leggings are footed buuut it's kinda cold and I didn't bring any non-boots home with me over break. So I wore them with these boots that I got at Aldo like 2 years ago and don't wear nearly as much as I should.

Urban Outfitters cardigan, Only Hearts layered tank, F21 belt, Love Quotes scarf, David Lerner leggings, Aldo boots.

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