Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"under the bed" dump

You know how some people do "purse dumps"? Where they will document all the things that have taken up residence inside their purse? Well I decided to do one of those.. but for under my bed. I was cleaning my room today, because I have been living in the same place for 2 years now! And ok I was more like ransacking it and throwing away anything and everything I haven't touched in the past 4 months, well I came across some very interesting items. Some things I've been looking for forever and some things I never even knew I had and some things I have completely forgot about but am so happy I've found again.

This is the cover of my "inspiration" binder I made way back in '08 and I FORGOT about. Back when I had free time to intensely scrutinize every fashion magazine spread and pick out my absolute favs. I am STILL in LOVE with this picture I picked out for the cover (2 years later!). I loved finding this binder so much I think I'll dedicate a post to it!

I found these two lovelies under my bed too. The first fashion design book I ever purchased way back in high school. I read it cover to cover, took notes on it and was determined to become a fashion designer (there's even sketches I did tucked away in the pages!). But that was before I was persuaded to pursue something more "practical".. errrrgh. And Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley. OH! and funny story: I didn't know I had this book! WHAT?! How does someone forget they have this book?! Yeah it was on my to-buy list. I need may-jah help.

Ummmm hello I found my swimming awards! ALSO forgot I had these stashed away somewhere. These are all my ribbons, medals and plaques I won from swimming from age 6-15. Look at those blue ribbons!! This is making me so nostalgic btw...

A VASE!! This could have come in handy last week when Dan got me roses! We were looking alllllll over for my vase because I KNEW it was somewhere in my room but never found it.. until now! Who would have guessed it was under my bed? And Carmex! Those things disappear on me all the time, guess I should start checking under my bed more often!

A buuuunch of magazines from these past two years that have accumulated under my bed. I'm gonna have to go through these and restart my inspiration binder!

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