Thursday, January 7, 2010

ringing in the new year

Get it?! "Ring"ing in the new year, cause they're rings? No? I'm a dork? Yeah, okay I'll admit it I'm a huge dork but I thought this was sorta kinda clever (though I'm sure many others have already thought of it as well...) I never did a blog post about NYE or what I wore on that night for two reasons: 1. I hate New Year's Eve, I think it's a stupid made up holiday that is cooooompletelyyy pointless. I mean it's just like any other night, we don't celebrate the changing of the 10th month to the 11th month why would we celebrate the change from the 12th month back to the 1st month? Anyways, I digress. And 2. All my New Year's pictures sucked (all 10 of them).

So after all that rambling I have come to my actual blog post. These rings are my current favs that I have been rotating lately. The shield ring is House of Harlow as is the ring made of white leather with rhinestones. The rest are from F21. I wish I could afford jazzy expensive rings but right now, I rely on the $4 jewelry from Forever. Whatever.

PS. I must love these rings lots cause I made this pic into that nifty header up there ^^ :)

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