Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm baaaack

After a 21 month long hiatus I am back in blogging action. This actually feels a little weird, like I'm running into an old good friend that I haven't seen/spoken to in a long time. Really nice, yet a bit awkward at the same time.

So what has happened in the past 2 years of my life? Strangely, not much. I was reading past posts and have come to the pretty sad conclusion that I am essentially in the same place I was 2 years ago, not physically, of course, because now I'm living in Chicago instead of Madison. But definitely the same place in every other aspect of my life. Which is... nowhere. I'm still working well past what would be considered healthy (between my full time and part time job, I have off two days per month, yes you read that correctly). I still do not have a smidgen of an idea of what I want to do with my life, or where I want to spend my life, or who I am as a person for that matter. It's a very frustrating place to be in. Which brings me to why I'm blogging again!

Lately I have really started to reflect on what has made me the happiest during the course of my life, and blogging made that list! Along with hot yoga, jewelry making, and reading books. So I am going to start doing all of these things again. Not with the same intensity and vigor that I have in the past because I think that is what burned me out and made me quit each one eventually.

Anyways, I'll have a real post soon, one that isn't laden with semi-angsty emotions and full of my real love and the reason this blog was created in the first place... fashion!

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