Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's not about vanity or kinky reasons, but I love mirrors. They just brighten and open up any space they are in, which is something especially important when living in a tiny college apartment. In my opinion mirrors are another form of art, just more reflective art. My favorite ones are always vintage feeling, or even just plain vintage! I found the cutest vintage mirror with some serious wood frame details in a thrift store last summer that was only $4 but for some reason beyond me, I did not buy it! Yeah, I know, I'm still kicking myself.

Anyways, in two weeks I'm going to move into a new apartment (first one in two years!) and my two new roommates and I are already scheming up ways to decorate it so it stands out from every other college apartment in the country. We are thinking thrifting, thrifting, thrifting. Oh, and Anthro. I am determined to change all our doorknobs and use cute ones from Anthro, it seems like such a cheap way to add character. I'll definitely put pics up once we settle in and it's decorated! Obviously, mirrors will be used to create the illusion that the apartment is bigger than it actually is.

I love the classical architecture in this one. Entablatures!

images via Restoration Hardware

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