Monday, March 1, 2010


I am ever-so-sorry for not posting much lately, I really really wish I could but my life has went from ho-hum to BUSY lately, and as far as I can see into my future it will be just this busy. Ahhh! Anyways, a few weeks ago I had a phone interview with Saks Fifth Avenue and they invited me out to New York City for a real live interview!!!! That's in less than two weeks! I am out of this world excited, and nervous. This Friday my mom and I are going shopping to pick out outfits, yes outfitS. It's a two day interview, INTENSE! Then two weeks after that it's Spring Break! My family and I are going to Miami (hopefully, fingers crossed) or anywhere else flights are open (my dad's a pilot so we can fly for freesies!). I've also upped my fitness routine lately (a much needed change). I started going to spin classes, which are crazy intense cycling classes and I have finally found a workout option that I can stick with and I actually enjoy! I seriously have never worked out so hard since highschool swimming, and that is saying something. I've also started lifting weights again too, it's so good for you. I already feel stronger, I was walking to work today and I was like why do I feel different? Hmm, I think I feel stronger. Cool!
Class has also been stressful to the max lately, homework, quizzes and all professors think that their class is your most important! Last week I had two exams which is why my posts last week were at a stand-still. Hopefully I am able to post some more things.
I FINALLY got the vintage purse I ordered on ebay and it is even more amazing in person. I'll post pics soon!
ALSO: LESS THAN 4 MONTHS TIL MY 21ST. Not that I'm counting or anything...

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