Saturday, March 13, 2010

welcome to new york, new york

First night.

Lemon cheesecake at Pazza Notte.
Blueberry custard dessert at Pazza Notte.

Admiring a colorful piece of art at the MOMA. Wearing my Pour La Victoires!

Some goodies I bought from the street vendors.

Fruit bowl at Le Pain Quotidien.

Butternut squash soup.

Warming up in my new h&m coat.

Double berry yogurt muffin from Dean and Delucas.

Obvs meant to be.

Dinner at Rue57.

Confused at how my camera took this pic, but I'm not complaining.

Well. I am back! That might have been the most stressful, action-packed three days of my life as far as I can remember. From the very beginning on Wednesday morning when I couldn't find my glasses (although I did find my ipod while rampaging my room), to not bringing a jacket to forgetting tights, and forgetting to print off my resume/cover letter, to forgetting my resume/cover letter in our room the final day AFTER checking out, to almost not making it on the flight home. Whew. It was eventful. But well worth it. My mom and I stayed in the midtown area and we walked around there a good amount, we ate some really yummy meals. Le Pain Quotidien might just be my new favorite place. Their butternut squash soup was amazing! We also went to the MOMA, which was interesting. I'm not the biggest fan of modern art but there were a few colorful collections I thoroughly enjoyed. They also had a special Tim Burton exhibit that made me want to throw up. He is creepy to the max.

Then there was the interview part, which I will refrain from talking about too much because I'm pretty superstitous like that. But I will say that, with luck, I will hear back THIS week. Which is good, because NYU housing just opened up... And I will say that I like the building the Saks offices are held in. They are right across from the flagship store on 5th ave. So if I lived there this summer I would have to take a subway to work everyday, which I guess would be fine. It's just strange because all the girls from Bop who have lived in New York have had internships in the SoHo area.

Anyways, a few other observances and such after visiting New York:

1. OBEY the walk signals AND look both ways 5 times before crossing the street. Or you will die. 2. New Yorkers DO wear head to toe black. I didn't notice it as much when I visited in the summer but I'm guessing that's because people wore less clothing then.
3. Service at a restaurant, what service?
4. Trying to be friendly and smile at people is useless. They won't smile back, for the most part.

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