Monday, March 8, 2010

what's new.

1. The vintage cross-body bag I ordered from ebay finally arrived! It only took a month to get here from Ireland. I love to worn leather, I love the strap and the flap. I only wish it was able to hold more things...
2. Owl necklace from random store in the mall. No lie, I saw a girl wearing this necklace at the library the other day and I wanted it SO bad. I was too embarassed to ask her where she got it from though. I was on the lookout for the perfect owl necklace since then, only to happen to see a mannequin in the mall wearing the EXACT one I was looking for!
3. PRINTS! Not a basic black item in sight. A dress from Mink Pink, which is adorable. A floral dress from h&m, I have been wanting a floral print dress for spring for awhile now and h&m had the cutest one. A pink tribal print dress from Urban Outfitters, and finally a peacock print top from Forever21. Seriously, the fact that I don't even WANT anything black is really weirding me out lately. But it's about time I spruce up my wardrobe with colors and prints.
4. A braided headband and a bow headband from Urban, aka the place I get all my "head gear".
5. New Marc by Marc sunglasses, that will of course take up my whole face! And a bright green top. Again, color!!
6. Another trip to Urban. I have to stop going there, everytime I do I buy something! I got this high waisted pale pink skirt with black spots and it is adorable. I also got the yellow ruffle shirt, which I plan on wearing with the skirt. The skirt is available here and is only $38.

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