Saturday, May 22, 2010

be prepared

You can never be too prepared. That's my philosophy on pretty much everything in life. So that's why I stocked up on new york maps and these little guide book things. Actually, I bought them for previous trips to NYC (lame tourist, I know) but they are gonna come in handy this summer I think. I've already scoped out where I'm living, which is an NYU dorm, Goddard Hall which is right on Washington Square Park so I am very excited about that! I've already been to the building I'm working at because I interviewed there, and it's alllll the way up on 49th street, so I think most days I will have to take the subway to work, wah wahhh. Unless I'm feeling adventurous and want to walk 40 some blocks.

I'm kiiiinda nervous about this whole dorm living thing again because in all honesty I thought I would never have to deal with those things after freshman year. Good thing I'm living with someone I know.. at least I think.. Jenna: Fill me in!!! But it also means I get a food account that has campus cash things that work at starbucks :)

Oh and I made a list of things I HAVE to do before leaving the city. I'm sure the list will only grow...

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