Sunday, May 9, 2010

rag & bone

“Inside the Line” with David Neville and Marcus Wainwright featuring Lily Adridge via Shopbop.
Rag & Bone is an incredible line that, until I saw their fall 2010 runway show was not even on my radar. My how that has changed! They put an incredibly unique spin on basics. Such as a silk button-down with a long shirttail, or a white sweater that has perfectly placed woven ribs, or oxford wedges with an open toe, you get what I mean. I absolutely love their lightweight summer sweaters (especially that white woven sweater I just talked about) and their fall 2010 line looks like it has just as amazing winter sweaters! They're all about layering, layering, layering. Bag lady chic, but more chic, less bag lady. It's just such a tragedy that almost everything retails for over $300. My shopbop discount can’t even bring it down to my price range, bumskis. And I really, reallyreally, really want that white sweater. It's giant, and looks cozy, and I would pair it with some navy blue flutter shorts and cork wedges and my outfit would be dang good.

Here's some more Rag & Bone:

that's it, that's it, THAT'S it!!!! the white sweater i'm in love with.

images via Shopbop's Rag & Bone lookbook.

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