Saturday, May 22, 2010


I officially have no more Saturdays left in Wisconsin for two whole months. Wow, that is so weird to say. Thursday was my last day of work at Bop until August, I had to give my key back, I gave it back reluctantly :( And I am trying to cram a million billion things into the two weeks I have off in between school and leaving for New York. Last night I went to a dinner with all the Bop girls for Brittany's birthday and took way too many pictures (which I will post later) because it's going to be awhile until I see them again. I mean, I hope they can all visit me! But if they can't then I want pictures to develop and put somewhere in my dorm. I'm so gonna feel like a frosh again. Today my mom and I went to the Madison Farmer's Market, which is one of my favorite things about Madison and is something I'm going to miss when I'm gone. We got spicy cheesebread and cheesecurds and other Wisconsin-y things. Tomorrow I am going to visit Dan's home for a few days to spend some more time with him before I leave. And after that I will only have two full days left here. AH!

I know the time in New York is going to FLY by. I mean... my time in Madison flies by and NYC is much busier and crazier, which means the time will go even faster. I bet when the time comes for me to leave it feels like I just stepped off the plane. But I still can't help but feel apprehensive about leaving.

But for now, I need to get off this comp and go spend some time with my family. I think my mom and I are going to play a game of scrabble!

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