Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dear H&M...

YOU need to sell online in the United States. The market would be HUGE. Topshop sells online, so c'mon now... (acourse, this just may be my selfish American side coming out as well)
So since I wanted to put off studying a little longer, I decided to look up what other countries could buy online, which was really hard because the site was in other languages, like Finish, German, Swedish and Norweigan. I picked to look at the German store because I figured their language might be the easiest to navigate (I mean the german word for elbow is elbogen). It wasn't too bad. Anyways, I found these SUPER cute dresses that I HAVE to have. And I found the shoes right away, "schuhe"!!!! The ones I like cost 19,95. Whatever that means. Going on foreign sites is like a little cultural lesson, I like it! So then I went to the Norweigan page hoping that they would have a different selection, but to my disappointment it was the same page, just in a different (more confusing) language. But the Norweigan word for shirt is "topper" which I found kinda funny.

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