Thursday, February 18, 2010

marchesa, milly, oh my!

Alas Fall Fashion Week 2010 in NYC is coming to a close. But these two collections still have me droooooling. The Marchesa gown, the one with all the black and white tulle almost gave me a heartattack. There is NO PLACE I would EVER have to wear such a dress, but it is truly a piece of art and I would buy it to just put on display and admire. The white feathery dress with the black waist is sorta similar to some of the Jason Wu dresses I loved. Hmmm. Let's hope h&m or topshop come out with an awesome knock-off!

While the Milly collection had a few distractions, namely: hot pink tights, green tights, and plaid pumps (I happened to like the berets the models were sporting), I loved the classic French inspiration of the collection. Very school-girl-eque. And I also happened to like the white tights, a little kindergarten cute, but still well done. That said, I think white tights should be left for 5-year-olds or girls with model proportions, juuust sayin.

and i think that will wrap up my runway posts for this fashion week.

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