Monday, December 21, 2009

arm warmers and fur coats.

Even though I have a FINAL EXAM tomorrow for Design Studies 120 (aka colors and lines class) I am blogging. And watching the Disney Channel, the Wizards of Waverly Place if you were wondering. Because I am 20 afterall.. But how cool are those arm warmers?! I am totally getting a pair (I actually do have a pair on hold at Bop) I am also in love with those fur (faux) jackets that Karen is wearing on her blog, the natural color one is only $30 at H&M! And the black one (which is vintage) is just sooo darn cuuuutteee. I definitely am going to be doing some vintage shopping with all my free time over winter break. There are just so many treasures out there YET to be discovered!

On a side note. How much FUN does it look like she is having playing in the streets of New York City in the SNOWSTORM?!?


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