Thursday, December 3, 2009

the raw details.

So. I am doing a raw food diet (I guess more of a cleanse since it's not a permanent change). This diet consists of purely faw fruits, veggies, and nuts. It lasts 10 days. I started on Monday so I am 4 days in and I must admit I have NEVER felt better. Physically, emotionally, everything. I can't even put my finger on what's different, it just feels goooooood and so right. I've finally learned what "full" is. Let's just say you know when you've had enough fruits/veggies/nuts (ugh please not one more cashew!) I'm also way more alert and focused and awake. I haven't had a coffee since Sunday (it's not allowed, of course) but I am not dragging one bit. I'm alert, and focused. Last night I was doing homework and I swore someone spiked my water with good ol' adderall.

Now the hard part begins tomorrow. 3 days of ONLY JUICE. ugh! I don't know how I will suffice on just cranberry, apple and grape juice for three whole days! But alas I must..... in order to see the effects of this amazing cleanse, which is: better skin/hair (always a plus), more energy and focus (check that off!) and of course the shedding of the extra weight (I'm already a bit smaller!).

Well I guess I will see what really happens to me when this cleanse is ova. in only 6 days!!

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