Thursday, June 17, 2010

all the way from new york

So here I am in New York City for 3 weeks now and sicker than I have ever been, ever. Apparently it's normal for people to move to the city and get incredibly sick right away, their bodies aren't used to the unclean air and subway systems. Anyways, since I had to call into work sick today, which killed me to do, but really in my condition, there is no way I should be in an office, I thought it would be the perfect time to update my blog.


My time here so far has been incredible, and I have not taken nearly enough pictures, which is something I am going to change. Every weekend I've spent exploring, last weekend I ventured down to SoHo and did some shopping, mainly window shopping since I have no income. This is probably the worst city to do that in too, because there are so many things I want! I found this really cool store that I heard of before but never really thought much about and that is All Saints, which is based in the UK. Their stuff is so different than anything I've ever seen, everything is super structured, and draped and the design is just so cool. It's totally hipster and totally not my style, yet I still loved everything. I ended up settling on a really necklace, so I can add a touch of edge to my wardrobe.


This weekend I want to try and make it to a museum, maybe the Met or the Guggenheim (if only just for the architecture). And next weekend my family is coming for my birthday, which has totally crept up on me! I have been thinking so much about my time here that I pretty much even forgot one of my last major milestones (I count being able to rent a car at 25 a milestone) is just around the corner! It will be very nice to see my family and spend some time with them, because I've been missing them so much lately.

Time's Square

Every color M&M ever imaginable.

Restaurant we got dinner with Jordyn's family

Not quite the Met steps... but soon!

Bryant Park

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