Thursday, June 10, 2010


Great advice from a girl I work with.
I personally think that people should put a greater portion (okay pretty much all) of their clothing budget into shoes/handbags/accessories. These are the things you would wear over and over again and the things that make outfits. If you wear $700 shoes with a $20 dress, the whole outfit will look like a million bucks, and people will probably assume the dress is at least ten times as much as it really cost.

I tried on these Miu Miu clogs (below) at Saks and wanted them soooooo badly. They were amazing! To-die-for. Despite the fact that they were 5.5 inches tall, the platform and chunky heel made up for it and they were fairly easy to walk around in. I actually put them on hold until I decided I was out of my mind (hello I don't even have an income!). However, before I leave this city, as a combined birthday/congratulations/goodbye gift to myself I will buy a pair of shoes from the 8th floor of Saks. And I will wear pair them with a dirt-cheap dress and nobody will know ;)

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