Sunday, June 27, 2010

the big TWO-ONE

It happened. The day I felt was taking an eternity to come has finally passed. I'M LEGAL! Since I have a summer birthday I am the baby of my class and some of my friends turned 21 back in November. It was agonizing to not have the comfort of going out whenever I pleased and wherever I pleased, but now I have that comfort too.


My birthday was incredible, probably the best birthday I've ever had. Except maybe in third grade when I took my 3 closest friends to Noah's Ark water park.... I'll call it a tie. Anyways, I spent my birthday with exactly who I wanted to: my loved ones, my family! I was worried that since I was spending my birthday in a relatively unfamiliar city that I would be alone and have the most awful, terrible birthday ever, where I would be sitting alone in my dorm with a bottle of wine, crying. But thankfully that nightmare didn't come true. Instead I filled the entire day with fun! First, my family and I took one of those all-day bus tours so we could hit all the tourist spots and hear lots of interesting facts that we wouldn't learn if we visited the spots on our own. We had to be at the bus stop by 8am so there was no partying at midnight on my birthday, which was fine by me, my body can't handle two days in a row of partying anyways. Once a month is about all I can take, fortunately and unfortunately. After the tour, I was exhausted but the day did not end! I went to dinner with my family at the Blue Water Grill, which had very good seafood. I ordered the coconut shrimp sushi roll because that is basically all of my favorite foods rolled together into one delicious entree. My family even surprised me by dropping off a cake at the restaurant early! It was carrot cake, another favorite. After dinner I parted ways with my family and my lovely roommate Jenna and I went to a little Mexican restaurant near Washington Square Park and ordered a GIANT pitcher of mango margaritas and sat and drank and talked and people watched in their outside eating area. Two and a half hours later and we only finished half of the pitcher and gave it to the table next to us.


I am not a huge fan of the club scene and hard partying. I would much rather prefer sitting in someplace chill and relax and slowly drink cocktails with a close friend or two. And that is exactly what I did. This will definitely be one of my most memorable birthdays ever, not only because it was my 21st but also because of where I spent it and who I spent it with. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday and I want to thank everyone for making it so special. Wow. I'm done being a cheeseball, for now.


Oh. And I got that Theory romper I was drooling over in this post. It's perfect. I was ecstatic happy when I got it. So I instantly wore it, of course :)

{my mom, brother and me at the Rockefeller Center}

{pier 16}

{my dad and me on pier 16

{candy store, where we bought an array of delicious candies}

{brand new fedora, I've been looking for one forever and I thought it completed my outfit so I had to buy the first one I saw}

{my brother and me at the restaurant}

{first legal drink}

{my carrot cake birthday cake, that accidentally got squished, but luckily my name survived!}

{Wearing a Kimchi Blue dress from Urban, Ash Wedges, and the necklace I made}

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